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One Crafty Miss Relaunch!

OCM Office_rectangle

Meet Taryn, the brilliant, creative force and blogger behind the One Crafty Miss website! One Crafty Miss is relaunching on Monday August 14th. Taryn began OCM as a lifestyle blog and it’s switching gears to cater to creatives and the creative process. The new website will have tons of info and resources for entrepreneurs to build their brand. This kind of information is invaluable for everyone, no matter where they are in the creative process.


I had the pleasure of attending a handmade by HER workshop in December of last year where Taryn was a speaker. She shared a ton of great information about creating content for your business. It’s so important to create your brand’s story and have that unique identity. Taryn was incredibly friendly and helpful when people asked her questions during her portion of the workshop and while we mingled and took a break.


Everyone that attend the workshop was given a space at the Krankies Craft Fair as well. I bought two of these awesome prints from Taryn that now hang above my Silhoutte Cameo. They give me inspiration everyday to keep on creating new things!

OCM_Dream Big_Square

So not only does she have a huge knowledge of the creative process, she’s crafty and successful to boot! She’s not just telling you what to do, she’s got the years of knowledge and experience from a person level. Taryn is right there in the trenches of the creative process, making, marketing, and getting her hands dirty in the figurative sense.

OCM You Go Girl_Rectangle

Let’s be honest, the creative process can be overwhelming sometimes! Especially when you’re just getting started. Maybe you have something you’re passionate about, but want to take it to the next level. Having some guidance and resources along the way can be incredibly helpful. One Crafty Miss will be that hand to guide you and support you along the way!


OCM Quote_Square

I love this awesome quote that Taryn has shared from Geri Weitzman. There is so much truth behind this! She saw a need that should be filled and created it. There is no doubt in my mind that One Crafty Miss will have something for everyone!




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