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Candy Grapes


I have been obsessed with candy grapes this summer. Frozen fruit is such a delicious and refreshing snack during the summer. They’re also quick and easy too. Candy grapes are grapes that have been tossed with jello powder. You can also use sugar free jello to cut back on some calories.

I found raspberry lemonade jello at my local Target and it tastes so good on green grapes. I’m really looking forward to trying other flavors of jello for these as well. I prefer to freeze an entire bag or bunch of grapes for the week, rather than in small portions. That makes it easier for snacking.

The Simply Good Raspberry Jello comes in 3 oz packets and I typically use anywhere from 1/3 – 1/2 of the packet. You might need a little more or a little less, just depending on how much you’d like for them to be coated.

Even though these are frozen, I have yet to have any problems with them being too hard to eat straight out of the freezer. Brain freeze is a different story, so make sure you pace yourself on this delicious snack!


  1. Seedless grapes
  2. Jello of your choice

1. Remove grapes from their stems, rinse in a colander, and then put them in a gallon size bag.

2. Add 1/3 of your dry jello powder to the bag. Seal the bag up and shake until all grapes are coated. If you feel that they need a little more jello, feel free to do so to your liking.

3. Place the bag flat in your freezer and allow them to chill until completely frozen. I usually freeze mine overnight but a couple hours should also be sufficient.


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