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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day


I’ve seen Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products in nearly every grocery or big box store that I frequent, and I cannot believe I’ve waited until recently to try them. They are absolutely amazing!

I was at Target this week and saw the honeysuckle scent that I’d seen on their Facebook page previously. I’m a sucker for a good scent and after a quick whiff, I knew that I needed these products in my life. I purchased the multi-surface cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, and the daily bar soap.

These products work just as good as they smell too! In the past I have tried things that either work well, with a less than pleasant scent or they have a good scent and fail to perform. Mrs. Meyers does both!

I was super excited to get home and clean the kitchen so I could use the multi-surface cleaner. A little definitely goes a long way and even though the scent is pleasantly strong, it’s not overpowering at all. Greasy residue wiped away instantly on the stove and in the microwave. It also worked great on countertops and in the sink.

I don’t handwash dishes but often times there are pots, pans, or a crockpot that are too big for the dishwasher that need to be washed by hand. The dish soap was perfect for these. I loved that it’s gentle on my hands as well. It didn’t leave them dry like a lot of other dish soaps have.

I knew that the handsoap would be great, just from what I had experienced with the dish soap so far. It lived up to my expectations and I love that the singer lingers on my hands. I’ll definitely be getting the hand lotion too.

Mrs. Meyers also does seasonal scents. I’m looking forward to trying the apple cider because it seems like the perfect fall scent! Want to find out where Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is sold near you? Check out their website¬†and enter your zipcode at the top left to find a store near you. They also offer their products online as well.

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