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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day


I’ve seen Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products in nearly every grocery or big box store that I frequent, and I cannot believe I’ve waited until recently to try them. They are absolutely amazing!

I was at Target this week and saw the honeysuckle scent that I’d seen on their Facebook page previously. I’m a sucker for a good scent and after a quick whiff, I knew that I needed these products in my life. I purchased the multi-surface cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, and the daily bar soap.

These products work just as good as they smell too! In the past I have tried things that either work well, with a less than pleasant scent or they have a good scent and fail to perform. Mrs. Meyers does both!

I was super excited to get home and clean the kitchen so I could use the multi-surface cleaner. A little definitely goes a long way and even though the scent is pleasantly strong, it’s not overpowering at all. Greasy residue wiped away instantly on the stove and in the microwave. It also worked great on countertops and in the sink.

I don’t handwash dishes but often times there are pots, pans, or a crockpot that are too big for the dishwasher that need to be washed by hand. The dish soap was perfect for these. I loved that it’s gentle on my hands as well. It didn’t leave them dry like a lot of other dish soaps have.

I knew that the handsoap would be great, just from what I had experienced with the dish soap so far. It lived up to my expectations and I love that the singer lingers on my hands. I’ll definitely be getting the hand lotion too.

Mrs. Meyers also does seasonal scents. I’m looking forward to trying the apple cider because it seems like the perfect fall scent! Want to find out where Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is sold near you? Check out their website and enter your zipcode at the top left to find a store near you. They also offer their products online as well.

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Candy Grapes


I have been obsessed with candy grapes this summer. Frozen fruit is such a delicious and refreshing snack during the summer. They’re also quick and easy too. Candy grapes are grapes that have been tossed with jello powder. You can also use sugar free jello to cut back on some calories.

I found raspberry lemonade jello at my local Target and it tastes so good on green grapes. I’m really looking forward to trying other flavors of jello for these as well. I prefer to freeze an entire bag or bunch of grapes for the week, rather than in small portions. That makes it easier for snacking.

The Simply Good Raspberry Jello comes in 3 oz packets and I typically use anywhere from 1/3 – 1/2 of the packet. You might need a little more or a little less, just depending on how much you’d like for them to be coated.

Even though these are frozen, I have yet to have any problems with them being too hard to eat straight out of the freezer. Brain freeze is a different story, so make sure you pace yourself on this delicious snack!


  1. Seedless grapes
  2. Jello of your choice

1. Remove grapes from their stems, rinse in a colander, and then put them in a gallon size bag.

2. Add 1/3 of your dry jello powder to the bag. Seal the bag up and shake until all grapes are coated. If you feel that they need a little more jello, feel free to do so to your liking.

3. Place the bag flat in your freezer and allow them to chill until completely frozen. I usually freeze mine overnight but a couple hours should also be sufficient.



Hint Blackberry


Recently I talked about how much I love Hint Water! I had only tried the watermelon and apple flavors. Both of which are incredible and I’d definitely recommend.  I was really excited to try the blackberry flavor today. And needless to say, it’s didn’t disappoint. I love the crisp, refreshing taste, and it’s not overly sweet.

Our local grocery stores have a limited selection of flavors, so I’m thankful that they’re all available on the official website. Want to save $5 on your first case of Hint? Go here:


Hurray for Hint!


Have you tried Hint Water? I tried it on a whim earlier this year, after seeing it in the grocery store and picked up a couple different flavors. In case you’re unfamiliar with Hint, it’s pure water that’s been infused with fruit, so 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 diet sweeteners.

Needless to say I was impressed! I’ve been drinking it regularly now for a couple of months and I’m currently hooked on the watermelon flavor. It’s amazing! If watermelon isn’t your thing, fear not, with over 18 flavors you’re bound to find one that you like.

They even have Hint Fizz, if you enjoy sparkling water. Trying to kick caffeine? There’s a Hint for that! I’m looking forward to trying the cherry blackberry, a limited edition flavor.

Our local grocery stores have a limited selection of flavors, so I’m thankful that they’re all available on the official website. Want to save $5 on your first case of Hint? Go here:  You can also get 15% off your order by using the code BCK2SKL (sale ends 8/17/2017)

Local Flavor · Sandwiches

Muddy Creek Pimento Cheese


Pimento cheese is king in the south! Well maybe next to our amazing BBQ, but both are certainly delicious. Muddy Creek Cafe, located in the piedmont triad here in North Carolina, makes an amazing pimento cheese sandwich, called the New South Pimento Panini. Fresh, homemade pimento cheese on grilled, crispy bread with spicy bacon and tomato.

I picked up some pimento cheese the other day at Muddy Creek, because God bless them, they sell it in several different sizes to take home. I don’t have a panini press but my George Foreman grill was perfectly sufficient.

I cooked up a couple of slices of bacon, sliced up some artisan tomatoes, lightly buttered up some bread, and assembled my sandwich. While mine doesn’t have their special, magic touch but it’s a delicious way to enjoy some Muddy Creek Cafe pimento goodness at home.



Your preferred bread: 2 slices

1/2 a medium tomato or several small artisan tomatoes

2 slices of cooked bacon

1 oz of pimento cheese


1.  Prepare the bacon. I use a skillet to cook mine on the stove until crispy.

2. Set aside cooked bacon on a paper towel to soak up excess grease. Now is also a good time to preheat the panini press or George Foreman grill.

3. If you’re using a medium size tomato, cut two thin slices. For smaller tomatoes such as artisan or cherry, cut 4 or 5 of them in half.

4. Spread a small amount of room temperature butter on the outside of each slice of bread. These will be the sides that will come in contact with the plates of your grill/skillet/panini press (whichever you are using).

5. Time to assemble the sandwich! Spread the pimento cheese onto the bottom slice of the bread. Place the two tomato slices or sliced artisan tomatoes on the pimento cheese then add the bacon. Add the top slice of bread and now it’s time to put it in the panini press or George Forman grill.

6. The grill or press should be preheated by now. Place the sandwich in the middle and gently close the lid. I always wear an oven mitt when opening and closing mine just to be on the safe side.

7. After about a minute, the sandwich should be nice, crispy, and have some griddle marks on it. Carefully remove the sandwich with a spatula, allow it to cool before cutting in half. Serve with a pickle and enjoy!

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